Ramp Handling Services

SAHCO offers speedy and efficient ramp handling services across its network, spread over major Nigerian airports. We strive to exceed the quality expectations of our clients.

SAHCO offers first class ramp services, including but not limited to provision of Ground Power Unit (GPU), Aircraft Push Back, Unit Load Device Control, Aircraft Loading/Unloading, Baggage Sorting, Cabin Cleaning, Crew Transport, Water/Toilet services, Air-starter Unit (ASU), Air-conditioning Unit (ACU), Baggage /Cargo Scanning.

Safety & Standards

Safety is a guiding principle during operations on ramp, and our staff are appropriately trained and well versed with safety procedures on equipment handling and carrying out tasks in or around Aircraft.

Qualified Personnel

Our Ramp Handling Services are designed to accommodate all international accepted standards on ground support and baggage services. The unit is experienced in handling various types of aircrafts, from bulk-loaded narrow-bodied to large freighters.

We provide ground handling support services to scheduled, non-scheduled and charter operations, we offer the best ground handling services such as:

Ground Power Unit (GPU)
Aircraft Push Back
Unit Load Device Control
Aircraft Loading/unloading
Baggage Sorting
Cabin Cleaning
Crew Transport
Water/Toilet Services
Air Starter Unit
Air-conditioning Unit
Baggage/Cargo Scanning
Passenger Step