About Skyway Aviation Handling Co. Ltd.

Skyway Aviation Handling Company limited (SAHCOL) is 100% owned by the Sifax Group, incorporated as an Aviation Ground Handling Service provider under the Nigerian company & allied matters act of 1990.

SAHCOL which was formally known as the Skypower Aviation Handling Company Ltd., before it was privatized and handed over to the Sifax Group on the 23rd of December 2009,was carved out of the liquidated Nigeria Airways limited as part of the Nigerian Federal ministry of Aviation’s reform of 1996.

The Skyway Aviation Handling Company Limited, with its new private sector management composition and orientation has kicked off the development of business models geared towards ushering in efficient service delivery. Hence, SAHCOL has invested in personnel development, state-of-the-art fleet replacement and massive infrastructural development, to ensure efficient and speedy service delivery.

Our duties in SAHCOL involves all the actions that take place from the time an aircraft touches down on the tarmac to the time it is airborne. We also ensure that the right assignment is carried out in an efficient, speedy and safe manner, deploying the right tools.
SAHCOL is significantly present in all the commercially operated airports in Nigeria, where excellent and speedy services is offered in the following areas

*Ramp handling
* Passenger handling
*Cargo handling

  Our Personnel        

The success of any company cannot be separated from the dedication and professionalism of its personnel. Skyway Aviation Handling Company Limited has invested in the right crop of personnel who are comprehensively trained, both locally and internationally.
As a result, there exist in SAHCOL a pool of well motivated and dedicated staff across the entire area of operation.
SAHCOL is piloted by a tested administrator, supported by an experienced and vibrant team of management , who report to a board of directors, thus remaining responsive and of top-quality to her daily growing clients.

Skyway Aviation Handling Company Ltd is a member of SIFAX Group